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Welcome To Una Davey Consultancy

UDC pledge to support you to        Untap your skills and those of your team

                                                              Develop your personal and business potential

                                                              Communicate & contribute more effectively

At UDC we have been honoured to work with leaders with high potential, drive and determination. We have also worked with leaders whose motivation, energy and confidence were hitting rock bottom.

Regardless of our starting point, we always have room for growth.

‘Everyone should have a coach’  – Eric Schmidt, Chief Executive Officer, Google https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kngyyeMel5c

Some have sought support to bring objectivity and professional facilitation to the development of their strategy while others have recognised that there is untapped potential within their teams and wanted to develop their leadership skills and style in order to lead and motivate their team in different, more creative ways.

We’ll deliver:

  • Challenge to re-set your leader thinking;
  • A safe environment to assess motivation for change;
  • An understanding of how others see you;
  • A discrete yet practical approach to the ‘How’ of making your change happen
  • Honesty;
  • Group team building workshops;
  • Bespoke coaching packages;
  • Off site and /or virtual coaching;
  • Flexibility to your unique circumstances and needs


What You Perceive Is What You Project


I have been very fortunate to have received coaching from Una Davey for the last 2 years.  She is a highly skilled coach and a very insightful and motivating individual.  She has helped me to face some harsh realities that were limiting my personal and professional growth.  Her coaching has enabled me to understand that I am full responsible for what happens in my life and I am accountable to myself.  With Una’s guidance I have developed my own action plan with solid action steps and timelines.  Since working with Una, I have accomplished goals that I would never have thought possible including achieving a Masters, running 10k and getting a new job. Una has empowered me by giving me the toolkit I need to change and showed me that the solutions are within me.

Senior Leader, Cross Border Enterprise

Una, Today was so enlightening for me in so many ways and most of all extremely useful. I truly appreciate what you have done for us as a team. Your style and use of language certainly enabled us all to feel at ease and as a result of this it has been a very effective and productive day. Thank you so much.

Manager, Economic Development Agency

Una is skilled in enabling you to fulfil your potential. What makes Una an outstanding coach is her ability to quickly identify the issues which were preventing me from reaching my long term goals. Una helped me create and implement ambitious but manageable strategies for career progression. She provides valuable guidance and feedback by email, skype and one-to-one sessions. Perhaps most significantly for me Una taught me the importance of believing in my ability to succeed and she transformed my way of thinking. It made a huge difference. Her energy is infectious and encouraging and I have already seen the benefits in my promotion and quality of life. I would highly recommend Una to anyone considering a professional coach

Una worked closely with us to deliver a comprehensive overview  of the work required to de-risk the impact of Brexit it on our European business and ambitions

Software Development Business, Director

Una created a climate where people felt confident to exercise judgment. Una encourages the sharing of learning and involving everyone in discussion. Una demonstrated the use of quality practices to improve performance. Una galvanised action and a sense of urgency to get things done. Una listened to others with respect and creates an open environment valuing others opinions and actively seeking to understand others ideas. Una gives people freedom to apply their unique strengths. Una provides quality feedback to support ongoing learning.

Coach Supervisor, BT plc

Una’s analytical skills and her energy and enthusiasm took her quickly to the heart of the issues and enabled her to rectify many of the problems being encountered. Una ran a series of workshops to enable managers to operate processes more effectively. These workshops were highly praised for their focus and down to earth style. Her reputation for having the highest professional standards is well deserved.

General Manager, BT plc


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