Staying grateful as we live through #CoronaVirusChallenge

As we live through these truly frightening health and economic crises it can be hard to focus on the things we still have for which we can be grateful.

In the UK and Ireland we are still to reach our peak of the coronavirus pandemic and are looking to other countries to understand the patterns, to review policies, to change our living habits as we weather this plague of our time. Isn’t it good that we can? We can learn from others so that our pain is, albeit severe, less so that those who have lived through this for several more weeks than we have.

Yet as we worry over more and more restrictions, there are still several things, if they weren’t there, would leave our lives less rich that they are today.

  • Most people have the senses of sight, hearing, touch and smell.
  • We have relationships from which we can obtain energy, we have warm beds, clothing, electricity, TV and fuel.
  • We have jigsaws, books, pen and paper, pencils and sketch pads.
  • We have phones, social media and other communications means by which we can stay in touch.
  • We have internet and laptops.
  • We have our humour, young ones to consider, some people have faith, we have nature and the onset of spring to look forward to.

Yes, we do have those people who think primarily of themselves as they stock pile regardless of the impact on others. But we also have people going out of their way to help and support in their local communities.

Whilst there is so much to think about as trying, signs are that it will pass.

And that is a hope that can keep us going.

As I am feeling the financial impact already, I’m certainly trying to look at this present reality as a mechanism to remind myself of the other ‘givens’ in my life, just as socialising, shopping, access to all foods and open cafes and restaurants were just a few short days ago.

Sending good wishes to all.

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