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Taking the UDC approach enables minimal ineffective time away from the workplace whilst at the same time supporting your team to develop and retain their leadership skills.

UDC offers a range of ‘Quick & 30’ refresher events. Samples of ‘Quick & 30’ sessions are listed below with the opportunity to blend these into half or full day agendas tailored to your individual business needs or to have bespoke reminders developed for your business.

  • A Quick Boost of Positive Thinking;
  • A Quick Reminder of Handling Tricky Behaviours;
  • A Quick Aid to Giving Effective Feedback;
  • A Quick Look at the benefits of Receiving Feedback with a positive attitude;
  • A Quick Jog through Time Management Techniques;
  • A Quick Recap on Effective Performance Management;
  • A Quick Reflection on our strengths;
  • A Quick – Yet Vital – Look at the power of the language from our minds and our mouths;
  • A Quick Trip through Self-Awareness.

UDC facilitates each event with a mix of positivity, energy and challenge. Drawing from their experience as senior operational leaders the team at UDC will enable your team to be the best that they can be, to learn from past experiences, to accept and approach feedback with openness and passion and to appreciate the differences we all bring to business.

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